Product Description

In truth, the only real difference between good and bad habits is that the acquired behavior pattern is a good action or a bad action as defined by the majority of society. You need to determine what good habits you want to adopt, then repeat the good action that constitutes that habit repeatedly until you do it automatically without realizing it.

You need to recognize the bad habits you want to abolish, then avoid repeating the bad action that constitutes that habit continuously until you automatically do an alternative action instead that is considered better than that bad action. It will take time to “rewire” your brain to dispose of the bad habit and take up the new good habit.

Within this package you will find the following modules:

Module 1 - List Building Report
Module 2 - Lead Generating Mobile Responsive Minisite
Module 3 - Confirmation + Thank You Page
Module 4 - Email Swipes
Module 5 - Graphics Pack
Module 6 - 10 x Additional Opt-in Page Headlines
Module 7 - 5 x Twitter Tweets
Module 8 - 5 x Facebook Posts
Module 9 - 5 x Forums Signatures
Module 10 - 5 x Email Signatures