About The PLR Database Platform

A platform powered by done-for-you products with licenses such as PLR and MRR

Quick Bio

Welcome to PLR Database. We're pleased that you have taken your time and dropped by to visit us.

If you didn't already know, PLRdatabase.net is one of the fastest growing and largest databases of legally licensed (PLR, MRR, RR, CU, PU, GAR) done-for-you content. From ebooks all the way to WordPress plugins plus so much more.


Our History

PLRdatabase.net is a bit different than normal. We were first a directory for popular websites online which was originally called Webbzo. Which the directory was up and running for about 2 years and a bit.

In early 2011 we decided to create this database. Where all the webs licensed digital products from old to new end up, calling it Webbzo.com.

We did this so products weren't lost over time or scattered all across the four corners of the internet. They'll always have one home.

In 2011 and 2012 we acquired four other PLR and MRR sites that had combined total of over 9,000 products that were operating since 2007. The rest we have collected and created uniquely for our members.

In early 2017, we have changed our name from Webbzo.com to PLRdatabase.net. The reason behind this was to give it a more related name to the platform.

We have been considered by our members to have the newest, unique, rarest, oldest and the most assorted products that exist.

It doesn't take long before you notice by browsing the PLR Database Marketplace that this would have to be one of the largest databases of done-for-you content all-in-one location.

This was our aim, to give users such as digital sellers, internet marketers, product creators, digital store owners a place to find everything they need to succeed all for a very low affordable price.



PLRdatabase.net is all about digital products that users such as yourself can resell. All the products found here on our platform are of digital nature.

The best thing about this is that most of the products found here within the PLR Database can be rebranded and claim as your very own. As a lot of them have licenses from the creators and authors that allow you to legally do this.

Just a few types of products you'll find within the database:


What We Offer

If you're interested in working smarter, not harder, then you have come to the right place. As we can offer you the largest collection of done-for-you content online.

All with licenses that allow you to use the products to save you time and the hassles of creating content and products yourself.

W e also help you along the way by doing this at our free “Academy” section for all members and visitors within our platform.

All our digital products found within the marketplace have the following licenses:

Commercial Use (CU)
Personal Use (PU)
Resell Rights (RR)
Master Resell Rights (MRR)
Private Label Rights (PLR)
Give Away Rights (GAR)

Learn more about our licenses.


Academy - Free Lessons and Tutorials

We offer a section called “Academy” (as mention above). The Academy is for users who are wanting to know all about using digital PLR products online to their full potential.

Because getting the products is one thing but learning how to use them correctly this is another thing altogether.

Such things as setting up your own sale pages, finding a host, purchasing domain names or finding helpful resources online. Also many helpful tips and tricks along the way.

All our staff here have been doing this for a very long time and we'll guide you through the best ways on how to do this.


More About Us

If you want to learn more about us and how we can help you, we have a blog section, FAQ and more.