What Are Resellable Products?

What Are Resellable Products
Posted by Daniel Taylor

A very common question that arises occasionally is, 'what are resell rights?' A lot of the time people ask me “what are resell rights”, “how to get them” and “how do I sell them?" Within this post, I've outlined exactly what are resell rights and why these items can be resold.

Information Products

There are literally thousands of digital products on the internet today with most being information products. Information is what drives the web.

The best way to get this information out is in a form of an ebook or articles. Such items can be shared, giving away, and sold an unlimited amount of times without damaging that book as a real book would do.

The thing about information is that information sells and when incorporated within an ebook, that ebook becomes sellable.

This is one of the many reasons why ebooks are so popular. Not that there full of information that the reader is looking for. But the fact that they're very easily distributed, the process of creation and very cost-effective.

What Are Resell Rights?

When you hear the term “resell rights” you immediately come to the conclusion that you must have the right to “resell” that item. Basically, that is exactly what it means, that you have the right to sell that product.

Therefore, if a product you purchase or found online states it has RR, that means you can sell this for a particular price. By doing so, you get to keep 100% of the profits just as the author or creator did in the first place.

Authors and the creators of digital products that attach rights to resell their items usually are intended to make that item more sellable. Not just people who are interested in the actual item, but the resellers who are wanting to resell it.

Therefore making their item sell more and it returns to make more money from the process. Another popular reason is the author places affiliate links or advertisements to other products within the product. Therefore where the reseller sells or gives it away that particular item goes viral and so does their links.

Where To Find Resell Right Products?

It doesn’t take long to find resell right products online if you're interested in selling them to make money. This site PLR Database, houses thousands of ebooks, software, scripts, websites, digital packages, etc all with resellable rights.

Sites like this are a good place to find because you're wanting to only find digital products that can be resold.

Selling Digital Products With Resellable Rights - The Pros and The Cons

Selling digital products with resellable rights online can be very easy and very rewarding at the same time. But keep in mind, you must remember to adopt the brainpower of abundance when it comes to being a reseller of digital products.

Below are some short outlines I've personally used over the years about the pros and the cons of selling and marketing digital products online such as ebooks.


Sometimes it's better to sell higher than trying to undercut the other resellers as I see this all the time. This is because the majority of people who sell resell right products sell really low to make a quick sale.

This is the first principle you should apply when starting reselling digital products, as this will better your reputation from the start where ever you're selling them. Not only for that reason, but it will also increase your overall income.


Sometimes I think this as an absurd marketing strategy. Like most people online who buy resell right products to resell, this sometimes costs from $30 to $50 each and more. Therefore, you should be buying low and selling high, if you know what I mean. Unless you're finding them free from across the internet or getting them really cheap from a membership site like PLR Database.

Another thing this reflects is that the reseller has adopted poor marketing strategies such as selling low as possible resulting in making small amounts of money if any at all.

As I can guarantee if you're doing this, there are others doing the same. Whereas, if you sell high all you have to do is sell one or two. By doing so you've already outsourced and outsold your competitors.

The Difference Between Resell Rights and Private Label Rights

Master Right Rights

Master resell rights is a little bit different than other licenses such as PLR, by giving the reseller the options to basically sell the product 'as is'. Most of the time the product cannot be edited or claim ownership of it.

Each license within any given product can vary. So it's important to always read the license attached to that particular product for a full guideline.

In most cases the resell rights license only allows the author to distribute the product with certain conditions such as any content within cannot be altered in any way.

The most common conditions usually apply are the following but may vary:

• You have full master resell rights to this product.

• You MAY resell this product and give master resale rights to your customers.

• You MAY offer this product as a bonus to a PAID product.

• You MAY include this product on a FREE or PAID membership site.

• You CANNOT give this product away for free.

• You CANNOT sell this product or give it away on eBay or any other auction site.

Private Label Rights

PLR stands for “private label rights." Which on the other hand is short for the known private labeling. As authors of the particular item have sold out its rights to resell that product. This license has no legal binds for it or to it and works such as ebooks, articles, images, templates, scripts, software, etc. You could say anything that is downloadable and stored as a file.

Private label rights could be miss-confused to a similar resell rights license, as mentioned above. The difference is that the private label rights license has many more options available for the reseller or new author for distribution.

The most popular option can be as easy as collecting information. For article marketing, blog posts, forums, creating new ebooks for reselling, and for website information.

Some common examples that authors have giving permission with their products are the following but may vary depending on the author or the creator:

• You MAY Sell it the product.

• You MAY Include in a product package or as a bonus.

• You MAY Include in a paid membership site

• You MAY Edit the content to your liking and put your name on it

• You MAY Strip and use for ezines and articles or combine with another ebook

• You MAY Sell for personal use only

• You MAY Claim full ownership of the title.

• You MAY Offer Master Resale Rights

• You MAY Offer Private Label Rights


I hope this has answered any relevant questions you may be asking yourself about the difference about resell rights and private label right products. Also, I hope this has answered any related questions you might be pondering about selling digital products with resellable rights.

I know there is much more to learn about this topic, as I've only outlined some top tips to help you along your journey.


About the Author

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  1. Hello Daniel, how are you? I want to know if I can sell the PLR here on the PLRDATABASE website in the same way that I bought with all the Plr licenses ?? Can I translate into Portuguese ?? Where to buy a Plr license to sell Plr ?? Thank you and I await your reply.

    1. Hi Jandilson,

      I’m doing good thanks and I hope the same for you. I can see this question has been answered by our team, therefore, I will post it here if anyone else might have the same query…

      With any PLR product, they cannot be sold with PLR, only if they have ‘unrestricted’ PLR or it states within the PLR license that it is a transferable PLR product or can be resold as PLR. I recommend checking each license within any product as all licenses can vary.

      The only way around this would be to create a 100% unique product from an original PLR product, meaning, by changing the cover, the title, the content within, that way, the product it 100% unique and it yours and you can sell it any way you would like.

      To answer your other question, yes, you can translate any PLR product into your language as this is fine to do.

    1. Hi Tatiana, unfortunately, with an MRR license, in most cases, you will not be able to do this. But keep in mind, it is always best to read the full license within the product as the license can differ from product to product. I hope this helps.

  2. Is it better to sell the products as PLR products on Amazon or to sell them under my name as e-books?

    1. Hi Ilona, when selling on Amazon I highly recommend you to sell PLR under your own name and not mention it’s a PLR product.

      There are a couple of reasons for this, the first is, people who know what a PLR product is, will know you didn’t write it, so you’ll won’t build any authority in the particular subject of the book.

      The second is a lot of people will not know what PLR is, therefore, this might confuse them, and hinder them into making a purchase.

      I hope this has helped.

  3. in most plr products, there is no description of rights to translate, how to know ?

    1. Hi Idriss, if the license within the product doesn’t mention it can be translated, this usually means it cannot be. But keep in mind, if it is a PLR licensed product, it can be.

      This is usually a standard requirement for PLR products. But for any other licensed product such as MRR, RR, then if it’s not mentioned within the licenses, then it means it cannot be translated. I hope this helps.

  4. This information is very helpful in getting me started. Thank you.

  5. Hello. Good times. Can I translate and edit the articles and then sell them as new products? Thank you.

    1. Yes for sure. This is what PLR products are ideal for. But make sure you read the license that’s found within the product, as these licenses can vary.