How To Make Money Selling PLR On Facebook

How To Make Money Selling PLR On Facebook
Posted by Daniel Taylor

Today, I’m going to be showing how you can be selling PLR products on Facebook. Not only PLR products, in fact, any digital product. When I mean any digital product, I mean, you can be selling anything other than PLR.

For example, you might have created something yourself, such as graphics, logos, music, a website, an ebook, software, etc. basically anything digital. So, keep that in mind, it doesn’t have to be specifically PLR products, it can be a product that you’ve created yourself. Using the same method, I’m about to teach you; this can be used in conjunction with whatever you’re selling.

Having your own digital product to sell is one thing, but knowing how to sell it is another whole story altogether. So, I’m going to show you a cool method that you can start right now with no up-front cost. I’m also going to presume that you have your own product ready whether it’s a PLR product or a product you have created yourself.

To begin with, there are two sites I’m going to inform you about. The first one, of course, you’d be familiar with, and that’s Facebook. And the second is a site called PayHip. Let me speak a little about PayHip, because I assume you don’t need to be introduced to Facebook.

A Bit About PayHip


PayHip is a site that allows you to sell digital products. It’s not a marketplace where you will be submitting your products too, but whereas, it’s a place where they host your files, handle all the payments (via PayPal and Stripe) and deliver the files to your customers automatically.

Now here’s the cool part, you don’t need any host, and knowledge of how to set up a sales page, heck, you don’t even need a domain name. Everything is done for you (I've briefly explained about the fees within the video found on this page).

So, you might be asking yourself, “so how the hell do I sell my digital products on Facebook?” Okay, let me get to that. But first, you’ll need an account at PayHip. All you have to do is create a free account, and mind you; it’s 100% free to join with no monthly charges.

Done-For-You Sale Pages

PayHip Sales Page

Once you have an account, you’re able to then create what they call pages. These pages sought of work like a sales page. Meaning, you will enter your product details such as a title, a price, a product image and that’s basically it, oh, and of course, add your products download file by uploading it to their server.

By doing so, you’ll then get a link. The link what you'll receive is what you will be sharing on Facebook to make sales. Because what happens is, when a user presses the link, they will be redirected to this private page (sales page I like to call it) where the product details will be found and also the payment button. If your visitor wants it, boom! You’ve made a sale.

Your Very Own E-commerce Store

Another cool feature that PayHip has to offer is that you’ll be able to create your very own store. This way you’ll list all the products you have for sale in one location. You’ll be able to sell individual products by sharing the link they give you (as I mentioned above) or share your storefront as a whole. This is a great way to sell more of your products, then just the one.

Building Your List In The Process

One of the coolest things about selling on PayHip is that you get to keep your customers. If you’re not collecting your leads in whatever you're doing online, then you’re dead in the water. Because it allows you to follow up with these customers for any new product you have. An excellent way to make more money when it comes to selling new or existing products.

PayHip Email Marketing

For example, whenever a customer purchases something from you, that users email address gets added to your mailing list. This data gets stored on PayHip so no need for any third-party email marketing service, saving you money in the process. But, if you want to send all your customers details to your existing email marketing service, such as MailChimp or Aweber, well, this can be done too.

Keeping Track Of Everything

Another cool feature that PayHip offers is tracking your visitors and customers. This is done through their analytics tracking system which is viewed on a neat dashboard all within your PayHip account.

Payhip Analytics

You’ll get everything you’re needing to know about your audience, where they’re coming from, what marketing channels have the highest conversion rates etc. All this data will helps you to make better marketing decisions.

Recruiting Affiliates

Another great way to send traffic to your products and offers is to recruit affiliates. This is done by sending a link to them, as you’ll get your very own unique link (As pictured in the below image).

PayHip Affiliates

Having your own affiliates to promote your products is a powerful way to make more sales and rewarding them in the process. The best part, this is all done for you, that is, the payments, links, and everything in-between.

Selling PLR On Facebook

Okay, were finally here at the finale. Now that I’ve explained all the essential details above, you should now be able to understand the following what I’m about to explain to you. Here are some steps I’ve numbered in order what you should do. Note, that you might already have some of these in place, so feel free to use them.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Page

The first thing you want to do is to create a Facebook page. This will be like your store and brand where you will be posting your products with the unique link I mentioned above. Keep in mind; you can post your link anywhere on Facebook, such as your personal profile, groups, other peoples page, etc. But the primary focus here and I highly recommend you do this, is building a brand.

Step 2: Adding Your First Product To PayHip

If you haven’t already done so, head on over to PayHip and create your free account. Once you have setup your account by integrating all the Payment details, your mailing list, etc. add your first product. This is a straightforward process, and I show you how this is done in the video on this page. So be sure to watch it.

Step 3: Submitting To Facebook

Now, this is the fun part. Once you have submitted your first product, you would have been given a link. Simply now share this link. First, I’m wanting to provide you with some tips for doing this…

Tip 1: Brand your Facebook page so it can be recognized and remembered. Add a cover and a catchy profile image. This way, your visitor’s will remember your brand, and even might start to follow you or like your page.

Tip 2: When posting on Facebook, don’t just post the link. Add an image. On Facebook, images get a higher ranking then just a link. So, keep this in mind.

Tip 3: And don’t forget the hashtags. These help people to find what you’re offering when they search on Facebook using keywords. So, don’t forget this.

Tip 4: If it’s a product your selling that can help people, well, write how it can be helping that person within the description field. Don’t just use the auto-generated description that comes from the link, as a written description will get a much higher search result on Facebook.

To sum it all up. Everything I mentioned on this page is pretty easy to do, with no technical difficulties involved. So, give it a go and see how you like it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

About the Author

Entrepreneur, internet marketer, and advisor. I've helped people online since 2005 grow their online business. The bottom line, I know what works, and I know what doesn't. Anything you'll ever hear from me is to your advantage.



    1. I’m not too sure why, they did when they first began, but what they do allow is if you rebranded the complete product.

      For example, redo the cover, change the title, edit the chapters, and even change some of the content within. This way, this is your very own product and this is what should be done regardless of any rules.

      That way, you’re not competing with everyone else who cannot be bothered and sell the product as is. I hope this helps.

  1. Hi, thanks for the tutorial…. in March 2020 and the changes w FB will this method using payhip/ product name be flagged? FB doesnt like bitly as I have had those flagged in the past,,,dont want to go to FB Jail….LOL

    1. Hi Chip, I understand what you mean, and link shortening tools such as Bitly are becoming harder to use on social media sites.

      But a rule of thumb with PayHip is, anywhere online wherever you can add a post or a link, you will be able to sell. For example, you’re basically only sending people back to your PayHip sales page, where the product is sold.

      Therefore, you can either post with the raw link direct from PayHip, or even (which I’ve done) is to use a redirect script from your website/domain. That way, you’re website link won’t be tarnished from other users giving domains, such as Bitly, a bad name (and eventually being banned from FB, etc), by doing so, you should always be safe.

  2. I’d like your video and massive post.. pls i wanna ask, how to use Payhip with MRR with sale page and squeeze page?

    1. Hi Abbey, thanks kindly, it’s much appreciated. With such sites and platforms as PayHip, you will not be able to add a sales page, since such sites, you list your product and description, and that is the sales page.

      I recommend using the description (sales copy or sales letter) from the sales page (if the product provides one) and simply copy and paste it into the description section when you’re posting an item. I hope this helps.

  3. Thank you very much! I learned so many useful thinks from you.
    Wish you all the best!


    1. Hi Mihai, you’re welcome and we’re glad you found this informative and helpful. All the best!

  4. Daniel,

    I have bought some of your PLR material which are great. However, how do I edit your sales video if I changed logos and sales material. There are many video with the OTO but I need the video to reflect my custom logos. Thanks.

    1. If the video comes with a PPTX file, which is a PowerPoint presentation file, this means you will be able to edit them within PowerPoint.

      If the sales video doesn’t come such files, you will need a software that can do this for you. There are many video editing software out there, you will just have to find one that will suit your needs.

      I hope this has helped.

  5. now really i am confused what dfy is used for what is funnel, now funnel skit then i bought whole series of snioer but no use

  6. could not make even affiliate and where that page we made should send it was 123 but its like 1000 steps

  7. on selling page its just 1 2 3 and when we bought it another sale waiting then another but no programme is simple, so many thing where we have to add

  8. I have spent Jvzoo and Warrior+ more than 5000 and could not make a single thing they market email list but never find that.

    1. Hi Hasnnain, it does take time and learning. So, whatever you’re doing, just continue and try your best. Stick with it and I’m sure you will succeed some time soon.

  9. Thanks for this Daniel. you’re the best .