Top Ways For Making Money With Private Label Rights


The vast majority who purchase PLR products never really get around to executing them. Rather, it just sits on their hard drive gathering "digital dust." Today I'm going to teach you some top tips how to change this.

This is a short video explaining some top ways to help make money using private label right products. Within this short video, you're going to learn 5 powerful tips to help you perform better when working with PLR products. And in return, will help you to make more money with them.

For anyone who is not interested in watching the video tutorial, I've outlined the most important points below. This will give you a quick insight.

5 Step Guide To Making Money From PLR

Most people who PLR never actually get around to implementing it.

We're going to look at a simple five-step process for taking a PLR package and getting it up and selling.


One of the drawbacks to PLR is that everyone who buys it gets exactly the same content.

Get some new graphics made for it, tweak the sales letter and make it “look” like something different.

Set Up a Website

The next stage is to get the sales page, download page and any other pages included with the package.

It's better to sell it from an existing site and actually have it selling than to wait.

Order Processing

You'll need some sort of order processor to process your customer's payments.

Don't over analyze this step.

Connect To Your Autoresponder

You should always build a list of buyers for anything you sell, and PLR is no different.

Offer a bonus of some sort for opting in to improve your conversion rates.

Send Traffic To The Sales Page

Once the delivery system is set up, it's time to send traffic to the sales page and start taking an order.

There are lots of ways to do this...

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  1. hello, i’m intending to sell your products on my website however i had a doubt, the downloads of the files will have to be done manually one by one or is there a more practical way to do this faster?

    1. Hi Marcus,

      I understand what you mean, but unfortunately, there is no way to download all the files at once. This would be impossible due to the large size in the site and files.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Hi Sir,

    Can I resell your products on my website?DO i violate anything if i wil do these?what are my obligations to your products.

    1. Hi Emalyn,

      You’re welcome to sell our products on your website, as this is one of the main purposes of our products. But keep in mind, please read the licenses for each product to learn more about what can be done for any particular product.

      I hope this helps.