Product Description

Toddlers can drown in an inch or two of water, and they'll never make a sound. Do I have your attention?
You should also realize that 1500 children will likely drown this year, some of them in backyard swimming pools, and almost always as the result of an accident around the house or on a family outing.

Don't let your family become victim to a drowning incident. This course will provide some simple steps you can take to prevent drowning.

Within this package you will find the following modules:

Module 1 - Video Course
Module 2 - PowerPoint Slides
Module 3 - MP3 Audio Book
Module 4 - Learning Center
Module 5 - Improved Squeeze Page
Module 6 - Long Style Squeeze
Module 7 - HD Squeeze Video
Module 8 - Graphics Package
Module 9 - Feature Images
Module 10 - Banner Ads
Module 11 - Social Swipes Kit
Module 12 - Quote Poster Images
Module 13 - Camtasia Project File
Module 14 - License Package