Product Description

Planners help your followers accomplish their goals. They help your customers get and stay organized. For example, you run a travel blog aimed at busy moms looking for family vacation destinations. You could create a planner titled “Our First Vacation at Disney World.”

Your readers could use this planner to track all their travel arrangements and agenda for the trip. Planners help your community act. It’s easy for your readers to skim through your latest blog post on organizing your closet. But what if you took that same information and turned it into a planner?

You could create one divided into seasons called “An Organized Closet Is a Happy Closet: How to Keep your Neat and Tidy All Year Long.” Now with a planner, your readers are more likely to absorb and act on your information. When they know your suggestions work, they’re more likely to recommend your blog to their friends and family!

Within this package you will find the following modules:

100 Time Management Quotes
Planner Cover Templates
Planner Templates
User Manual