Product Description

Make Money Online as an Affiliate Promoting Igloo Website Builder. If you are a business owner, you would know that an online presence is key to your success, be it your business blog or website, a marketing page, a lead generation page or even an e-commerce site.

The thing is that if you do launches or set up affiliate programs, well, you know how tedious the process can get. You need to pay special attention to how you create your sales funnels as they must be congruent or they won't convert prospects into buyers. Also, You would need to create your JV Invite pages and they need to inspire confidence that this is going to be an epic launch. And you can get all these done quickly the faster the better because you can do more of these. But getting this pages done is a headache and expensive too.

You would need to hire designers and their charges can set you back a fair bit. And that is not the only concern. Getting good designers who will do exactly what you want is another matter. So, would iGloo be something that you would consider adding to your marketing arsenal?