Product Description

Are you a perfectionist? There’s nothing wrong with wanting things in your life just so, wanting things beautiful, wanting everything done right, and wanting to work hard to achieve great goals. However, there is no such thing as perfect, which is what so many people forget. You can’t have a perfect home or a perfect life or do a job perfectly.

Mistakes are made, flaws are present, and every day is not perfect. If your perfectionism is severe, it might have a negative effect on your mental health. Do you think your desire to have everything perfect all the time is hindering your ability to live a good life?

Topics that are covered by the report:

1. Your Views of Perfectionism and How They Affect Your Life
2. Signs You Might Be a Perfectionist
3. Perfectionism: Finding a Healthy Balance
4. Weeding Perfectionism Out of Your Life
5. 4 Tricks to Keep Perfectionism in Check on a Daily Basis
6. Reward Progress Instead of Perfectionism
7. How to Use Your Journal to Help You Ease Your Desire to Be Perfect