Product Description

Food is central to the identity of South Africans. During meals the family meets around the table. On holidays and high days we gather around the braai and the potjie pot which reflect the diversity of our country. Food has many memories associated with it – the soup that warms our bodies and our souls, the dish for our homecomings, and the recipes that take us back to our youth.

Food can also be our enemy. We are seeing rising levels of lifestyle diseases in South Africa, with terrible impacts on our health – heart disease, stroke, type two diabetes and cancers are all on the rise, due to our increasingly poor diet.

We all know that staying healthy can be difficult. We have busy schedules, and shrinking household budgets. Healthy foods recommended to us often seem unavailable and unaffordable, leaving us feeling inadequate. It can be time-consuming to make the journey to the supermarket and to prepare a meal, when fast food is closer to hom

Within this package you will find the following modules: