Product Description

This is a collection of templates that will help you with setting up sale funnels with GrooveFunnels. Here's a story for you. A friend, let’s call her Lisa, is a super-efficient writer and info product creator. She’s ready to take her business to the next level. She’s started creating courses. She needs to create a sales funnel for her customer's journey. But she’s confused by all the different funnel software and platforms available to her and the different steps she has to take to get them to work together.

• Setting up a website. And creating landing pages.
• Attaching an autoresponder system for emailing.
• Integrating payment processors and shopping cart.
• Funnel builders.
• Affiliate program.
• Webinar program.
• Video hosting.
• Blog platform.
• Ecommerce.
• Scheduling and booking.
• And so on.

Lisa became so frustrated. She didn’t know what she should do first so everything was put on hold. Sound familiar?

If you struggle with any or all of the things above, GrooveFunnels may be an option for you. In this package, we’re going to learn more about GrooveFunnels and how it can help you in your business. We’ll look into the costs (at the time of this writing), the ways it can be used and implemented into your own business, and why it’s a good option compared to other plans.