Product Description

Take A Deep Breath And Eliminate Stress With Ease. the definitive course for getting breathing exercises to work in your life. Learn how to best utilize breathing exercises in your life so that you get the most out of them and alleviate stress too. Easing stress with breathing techniques, How to effectively breathe to relieve stress, Several different breathing exercises plus so much more on the inside.

Within this upgrade package you will find the following modules:

Module 1 - Video Series
Module 2 - Viral Images Pack
Module 3 - MP3 Audio Book
Module 4 - Learning Center
Module 5 - Improved Guru Squeeze
Module 6 - Long Style Squeeze
Module 7 - HD Squeeze Video
Module 8 - Graphics Package
Module 9 - Feature Images
Module 10 - Banner Ads
Module 11 - Social Swipes Kit