Selling PLR Products On Ebay

Selling PLR Products On Ebay
Posted by Daniel Taylor

Have you ever tried to sell PLR products on eBay? Maybe you have but wasn't as successful as you'd like to be. Begin successful selling digital products on eBay takes some strategies and determination. Slapping up a product and hoping it'll sell will yield little results and if any at all.

That's why I've created this video tutorial on some strategies you should consider when selling PLR products on eBay and also implement the correct frame of mind.

By doing so, you'll be able to start an e-commerce business on one of the world's most popular marketplaces, eBay.

There are a lot of people making a living selling products on eBay, now you can too. If you've done it in the past and failed in the process, you most likely didn't do it correctly or maybe you didn't stick around long enough to reap the benefits.

It's like any business online, you have to stick with it and not think of it as a "get rich quick scheme". Because if you've been around the internet trying to make money online, then you'll know there is no such thing as a fasted tracked money machine.

Working hard at what you do and never giving up is the key to success in anything you do in life. Work out what works the best and stick with that method then master it.

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Entrepreneur, internet marketer, and advisor. I've helped people online since 2005 grow their online business. The bottom line, I know what works, and I know what doesn't. Anything you'll ever hear from me is to your advantage.



  1. Can I sell subscriptions to my SAAS lead generation software site? 10 different softwares for$99.00 a month?!

    1. Hi Paul,

      Doing this via eBay I don’t believe there would be any such option or method for this. As eBay is based an e-commerce platform.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Hi,
    We are not from the U.S. and burning ebooks to C.D.s and deliver them over shipment is not practical. So we cannot do this on ebay?

    1. Hi Giovanni,

      I completely understand what you mean. In some countries, this is an eBay policy but in some other countries, you can simply list them as digital products and send them to your customer’s email address. New policies are always changing with eBay, so I recommend finding out first just to be certain, as you don’t want your selling privileges restricted.

      I hope this helps.

  3. Another way is to make a manual/report for the digital item. I do this for my eBay Power Pack in the form of a starters pack. They get all the info on how to use the product. All i do is print it out and send them it in the mail.

    1. Great advice, Geoffrey. That’s the best way to sell digital products on eBay these days, and it’s 100% compliant.

  4. Can you sell digital products on eBay? In fact, I was just writing an ebook on it yesterday before I found this. You have to sell under a certain category. I have a 3-page PDF, but it was copied right out of there rules, so I was going to mix it up a bit before giving it away.

    Just do a search on it you will find there are a lot you can sell and it’s mostly things you have rights to or you made yourself. Or something someone gave you the rights to sell. Now I don’t remember what the categories, you will have to find that on your own. I just looked at my PDF, you need to use the classified category for most.

    1. eBay doesn’t allow selling of digital products on their marketplace no longer, only within certain countries, whereas some still do. One method to get away with selling digital products on eBay is to burn them onto a CD and send them out to the buyer’s physical postal address. I see many people doing it this way and by doing so, their making a considerable amount of sales daily.

    2. I just copied the rules of selling on eBay in the united states two days ago. It would not be on their site if you could not sell the digital products. You can just look at the rules all you need to know is on their site.

  5. Thank You but how will they get their products since its a digital product? Will I provide a link for them to download or will I need to make them a hard copy and ship them?

    1. Hi Enock, you’re welcome. And to answer your question it all depends on which country you’re located in and which eBay your selling on. As I’ve noticed that not all eBay’s around the world allow one to sell digital products. What I mean by this is any product has to be a physical product. So countries allow you to send the user a download link once they have purchased it. If you’re not allowed to sell digital products, what you can do is then burn it to a CD and send it via post. Either way, will work fine.