Product Description

Upgrade Your WordPress Security Mastery Training From Beginner To Expert Level. WordPress is the most used content management system (CMS) for a several years now. This is because of its very user-friendly features plus a lot of tutorials that you can find online for help. The thing is that, there is also a security measures to take on as hackers are doing their best to take down your WordPress based website. Inside this tutorial you are about to learn the advanced security techniques to defend and counter blackhat hacker's intentions. Below are the video chapters that you are about to be guided... Video 01: Secure wp-config.php. Video 02: Secure Your Plugin Directory. Video 03: Secure WordPress Admin Files. Video 04: Don't Show the WordPress version that you are using. Video 05: Install Wordfence Security. Video 06: Log in securely to your Dashboard using HTTPS. Video 07: Prevent unwanted access to the wp-admin Directory. Video 08: Limiting the Number of Failed Login Attempts. Video 09: Hide Log-In Errors. Video 10: Install Wordfence Security. Video 11: Prevent Script Injection. Video 12: Secure your .htaccess file. Video 13: Full Backup and Restore. Video 14: About Freelancers, Contributors, and Editors.