Product Description

Wanna Make Money Online as an Affiliate Promoting WP Link Shield Plugin? Listen up if you are an affiliate marketer, you would have heard of link cloakers. Probably you are using one already. Most are free and the basic ones just do one thing and that is to cloak your links so that your links not only look friendlier but it also prevents stealing of your commission.

But once the promotion is over and if the seller decide not to sell the product that you are promoting anymore, then you are left with a dead link. Anyone that clicks on your affiliate link will go no where and this is one of the ways that you would lose potential commission. Previously the only way to ensure that your affiliate link works is to manually check them one by one. If you only have a couple of links, then that is fine.

But when you have lots of links, checking each one of them is really tedious and takes loads of time not a very wise way to spend your time. So most marketers don't bother to check and this is where you would leak commission revenue. Not anymore with Link Shield. This is one of the latest and most advanced link cloaker but what made me want to check it out was the feature that plug this leak.