Product Description

This is a template collection that will help you fast-track you're WordPress solutions. More than likely you’ve heard of WordPress. It launched in 2003 as a blogging platform and has grown exponentially since then. Because of its many plugins, themes, and a variety of other reasons, millions of people have chosen to become visible online using this platform.

In fact, WordPress is the platform behind 45% of all websites. That’s over 700 million websites. And it has a 65% share of the CMS (content management systems) market. WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform anymore, though.

Although it’s a popular host to many bloggers, it works just as well as an ecommerce site, a small business website, or a service provider's platform. When we say WordPress, we are talking about, the software that is installed on your own hosting and domain – not the version hosted at The self-hosted version gives you many benefits that you will not get by using the .com version.