Product Description

Conflict management is having the ability to recognize and deal with disputes in a rational and balanced way. This applies to conflicts that crop up in business as well as those in your personal life. When dealing with a conflict it is vital that you face this in a calm manner. Allowing the situation to turn you into a hot headed person will not get the matter resolved.

One important aspect is to acknowledge that not all conflicts have to become an angry dispute. In fact, the opposite is necessary, an unruffled disposition. While many people and business owners see disputes as meaning that there is trouble in your life or company, this is not so. Conflicts can actually be a healthy thing. It shows that people care enough that they are willing to discuss and dispute things when necessary.

In this ' Conflict Management ' package, you will find the following topics:

- Understanding conflict management.pdf
- Should every conflict be resolved.pdf
- Leadership and conflict management skills.pdf
- How to manage a conflict.pdf
- How do you rate your conflict management skills.pdf
- Dealing with conflicts at school.pdf
- Dealing with conflicts at work.pdf
- Conflict management for managers and supervisors.pdf
- Compliance or conflict.pdf
- Are your expectations causing conflict.pdf