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They are all so beautiful but all fish are not for your tank. You have to be discerning about the fish you put together. Here are a few tips to help you choose just the right mix. Know your fish Your fish tank will be a work of art through living colors. But, each fish is different just like other pet species have different temperaments.

Books about fish can give you insight on what types of fish are delicate, hearty, saltwater fish or freshwater fish. Now, when you go to the pet store you are knowledgeable about the types of fish that you want for your home.

Below are some of the content information that this package has:

Angelfish Care
Choosing your Tropical Fish
Exotic Tropical Fish
How to Breed Tropical Fish
Keeping a Healthy Tank
Popular Tropical Fish Species
Setting up your Tropical Fish Aquarium
Tropical Fish Equipment Checklist
Tropical Fish Freshwater versus Saltwater Aquarium