Product Description

With this Pro Version WordPress Plugin you can now create an additional temporary key to manually send your access key through emails etc to other people. Now, what happens if a customer had a connection issue and couldn't get access to your pages?

If you want a fast solution, you should send them the access URL... but if you do this, you should include the access key. If you do this, your protection is over and if you change the secret key, your previous customers won't be able to access your own page. This is the problem.

The good news is with this Plugin, you can now easily handle situations like this in no time. Now you can create 2 keys, one fo your sales platform (PayPal, Jvzoo, etc) and another one for the manually distribution of your links through mail, etc.

You can tell a customer that the temp link is valid for 24 hours (example) and after that, you modify its key without affecting your past customers. It's that easy.