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Great blog content can be as diverse as the bloggers themselves but there appear to be a few “tricks”
that continually crop up and one of them is the use of images in their posts. It really is true: A picture is worth 1,000 words, and in the context of an online generation h“skimming” and “scanning” is the general practice of reading web copy the importance of these “1,000 words” is even greater. Shoot, why not have more than one picture just to make sure!

Here are some of the reasons you should highly consider using images in your blog posts (or some
other rich media):

1. Catches the reader’s eye and helps them to commit to reading the content.
2. Differentiates the content from a lot of other similar blog posts.
3. Helps craft a visually-memorable experience.
4. “Strengthens” the blog posts specific content with images.
5. Adds valuable SEO traffic related to the images within your blog post. This cannot be

Personally, I think the first and last point is the most important. The point is that adding an image to
your blog post, even it requires a little more of your time per post, is worth the effort and cost that
may be associated with the effort.

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