Product Description

Now, before you go ahead and stop reading this, please allow me to enlighten you. There’s a big difference with Periscope among the other, more well-known social media sites. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, Periscope allows you to do live streaming.

That’s right live streaming. Unlike the posts, tweets, or videos on YouTube all of which are recorded information and have been thought out beforehand Periscope lets you stream videos live to your audience. And why is live streaming better than tweets, posts, and recorded videos? That’s because it’s more genuine.

More honest. Once you start, you can’t stop till you finish streaming the video. And this is exactly what makes Periscope the hottest thing regarding online marketing.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn in this video series:

Start Each Scope With Your Elevator Pitch
End Each Scope With A Solid Call To Action
How To Grow Your Followers On Social Media Accounts
Grow Your Business With Cross-Promotion
Using IFTTT To Automate Broadcasts
Build Your Mailing List During Each Broadcast
How To Generate Income From Periscope
Using Q&A Sessions To Build Authority