Product Description

Why did I decide to share my NINJA tricks with you? Look, life is just too short and I truly understand that now. That is why I have decided to share my NINJA tricks with you. So that you too can focus on things that are important to you.

Here’s a list of videos you’ll be getting with this affiliate training:

Video Lesson 1 – Repurpose Your Content (3:32)
Video Lesson 2 – Types Of Videos (3:01)
Video Lesson 3 – How To Create Your Video Intros (8:09)
Video Lesson 4 – How To Create Video Scripts (18:09)
Video Lesson 5 – Creating Screen Capture Videos (16:10)
Video Lesson 6 – Editing Your Videos (15:43)
Video Lesson 7 – Tools For Talking Head Videos (2:51)
Video Lesson 8 – Creating a Talking Head Video (18:18)
Video Lesson 9 – Video Tips And Tricks (3:45)
Video Lesson 10 – How To Upload Your Video To YouTube (3:57)
Video Lesson 11 – How To Share Your Video On Facebook (3:43)