Product Description

Here Is The Technical Training You Will Receive in My Tech Training 2.0 Course... Are Technological Barriers Slowing Down Your Online Business Success? This is Your Opportunity To Discover The Help You'll Never Get From Others, Blast Through Those Technical Challenges, and Sail to Success Faster Than Ever.

In this course, you're getting over 100 brand new step-by-step training videos that teach the technical side of how to build an online business like we've built.

Let's take a look at some of the things that we've covered in this powerful course...

Setting up your website.
Creating an email address on your own domain
Looking at your web traffic statistics
Setting up a WordPress blog
Customizing and Optimizing your WordPress blog
Setting up an Email Subscriber List
Creating an Opt-in Form
Making a Sales Page
Setting Up a Download Page
Creating PDF files
Creating and Extracting Zip Files
Doing Screen Capture Videos
Using FTP
PLUS a whole lot more!