Product Description

Turn your passion into profits and learn how to build a business on WordPress with these 18 step by step checklist. Turn your passion into cold hard cash in your bank account with these 17 done-for-you blogging checklists.

What I’m about to share with you right now has already changed things for a lot of people. And it certainly has what it takes to change YOURS!

Like most people you probably have a passion that you can talk about for hours and never get tired. And just like most people you probably want more freedom. That’s why... Blogging can be a life changer for people...

Here are the following checklists you're going to get:

1. Things to know before making a website on WordPress
2. Install WordPress From The Start
3. Installing and Configuring A Theme
4. Installing & Configuring Plugins
5. Styling WordPress
6. Widgets & Menus
7. Tracking & Analysts
8. Create Your First Blog Post
9. Creating & WordPress Page & Setting Up The Home Page
10. WordPress SEO
11. WordPress Comments
12. Getting Traffic To Your Blog
13. Guest Posting
14. WordPress Security?
15. Sending Emails Via WordPress
16. Integrating Social Media?
17. WordPress Final Checks
18. Making Money From Your WordPress Blog