Product Description

Did you know that 50% of small businesses choose to do their own graphic design, or hire in-house? I don't know the stats, but I bet the number of internet marketers who choose to do some or all of their graphics editing is MUCH higher than 50%!

Graphics creation tools sales are astronomical! There are a lot of us and we are all looking for solutions and many of us are on a shoestring budget...

But, one thing you don't see much of are tutorials on how TO use some of the tools that are available. I know MANY marketers, and most of them would rather use free software and create their own graphics than buy Photoshop and hire a designer to do it.

Lessons found within this course:

Section 1 - Introduction To Canva Graphic Design For Beginners
Lecture 1 - Introduction To Graphic Design With Canva
Section 2 - Graphic Designs And How To Make Them In Canva
Lecture 2 - Creating Social Media Posts And Graphics With Canva
Lecture 3 - How To Create Logos and Transparent Backgrounds
Lecture 4 - How To Cancel Canva For Work
Lecture 5 - How To Create Pinterest Graphics And Use Custom Dimensions
Lecture 6 - Where To Get Feminine Stock Photos For Pinterest
Lecture 7 - How To Create Pinterest Graphic Style 1
Lecture 8 - How To Create Pinterest Graphic Style 2
Lecture 9 - How To Use Magic Resize In Canva
Lecture 10 - How To Create Youtube Thumbnails And Use Royalty Free Photos
Lecture 11 - How To Use Canva To Design Menu, Frames And Grids
Lecture 12 - How To Design Anything In Canva And Conclusions

Within this package you will find the following modules: