Product Description

This course teaches you how to use Crello, which many people have never heard of it! This presents you with a unique opportunity. Crello is an online graphic design software. It is loaded with templates that allow anyone to create:

- Social media posts
- Digital Ads
- EVEN Animated graphics!
- It has 40 formats, 16,000 templates, and 260 fonts!
- A HUGE library of photos and illustrations.

Here is what this course covers:

Section 1
Lecture 1 - Introduction
Section 2
Lecture 2 - How To Create Social Media Posts
Lecture 3 - How To Create Animated Posts
Lecture 4 - How To Use Photo Text
Lecture 5 - How To Create Presentations
Lecture 6 - Customizing And Editing Your Graphics
Lecture 7 - How To Manage And Use Elements
Lecture 8 - Using The Resize Function
Lecture 9 - Managing Your Files
Lecture 10 - How To Use Fonts