Product Description

Do you get frustrated when you build your list but don’t make any sales from it? Do your subscribers look forward to receiving your emails each day? Do you get irritated when you spend hours creating great content, only to have people unsubscribe from your list when you send it to them? Or maybe your subscribers do open up your emails, but when it comes down to it and you ask them to buy from you, they lock up their wallets?

If you want to get the most from your list building efforts, then it’s time for you to finally discover how to have the responsiveness and profitability you have been looking for. It’s time for you to finally start making more sales from your email marketing campaigns. Email Sales Blueprint simplifies every single aspect associated with building a successful list and can give you an instant boost in income.

Unless you focus on building a responsive list, no matter how much effort you put into advertising your business, you will NEVER come close to making as much money as you can with email marketing. Think about how a profitable email list can help your online business, and you'll quickly discover just how much money you're leaving on the table without one... Having a responsive and active subscriber base that you can email anytime you want, with literally no work involved other than typing up an email and clicking the "SEND" button.

Within this package you will find the following modules:

Site Files
Source Files
Squeeze Page
Strategy Guide
Videos 1-10
Videos 11-20