Product Description

Email Marketing, or publishing your own online newsletter, is a powerful method of getting your message out to people worldwide. And since E-Mail Marketing goes only to those on your own Double Opt-In Mailing List, it's a very targeted audience!

E-Mail Marketing Can Increase Your Sales, Boost Your Web Site Traffic, And Get Your Message Out World-Wide! E-Mail Marketing Basics is your plain-language guide to Making Money from, and Building Traffic to, your own and affiliate websites with your Opt-in E-Mail Lists!

If you're already doing well with your E-Mail Marketing efforts, this guide may not be right. It's written in plain language and designed to help those new to E-Mail Marketing learn the ropes, understand the rules and regulations, and discover exactly what effective E-Mail Marketing does and doesn't allow you to do. By learning and following the rules, many people have improved their online results substantially - wouldn't it be nice to join that select group?

Just some of what's included in E-Mail Marketing Basics:

What is E-Mail Marketing?
What is the CAN-SPAM Act?
The History of E-Mail Marketing
What is a Double-Opt-in List?
Why Build an Opt-in List?
How to Build Your Opt-in List
Optimizing for AdSense
How Often Should I Publish?
How Long Should My Issue Be?
What Content Should I Send?
Where To Get Articles Written
How Can Blogs & Forums Help?
Using E-Books To Build Your List
Can a List Be Self-Propagating?
Using Joint Ventures To Build Your List
Using Giveaways To Build Your List
Using Press Releases To Build Your List
How To Use Autoresponders Properly
Links To The Necessary Resources

Within this package you will find the following modules: