Product Description

Get 20 Step By Step Over the Shoulder Tutorial Videos On Using the most recent version of Audio Editor Audacity. Learn, Teach and Sell The Technical Process of Turning Live Content Into a Product Launch.

Having PLR Videos on a topic gives you a flexible way of positioning yourself as an educator and a reliable source of information in your niche. Your customer will be able to see step by step how they can achieve success in a technical area.

This allows you to sell the content but also to be positioned with that customer as a person with reliable information. You want to be able to make sales...yes, but you also want the customer to feel better about their purchase as time goes on.

Here are the Topics We'll Cover Throughout the Videos:

Audacity Overview
Download and Install
Installing Additional Plugins to Audacity
Set The Recording Volume
Importing Audio Into Audacity
Produce the Project as One Single Audio File
Removing Clicks and Pops
Removing the Voice From a Recording
Editing Your Audio At a Faster Pace
Exporting Multiple Clips Simultaneously
Is Audacity Spyware?
Install FFmpeg Library
Testing Your Microphone in Audacity
Recording Audio From Your Personal Computer
File Operations - Saving to a Project
Noise Reduction - Basics
Editing Out Audio and Adding Silence
Fading In and Out and Cross Fading
Adding In A New Part of Your Recording
Changing the Speed of the File Recording