Product Description

Ready to Start Using Clickfunnels To Grow Your Revenue? Learn to Use Clickfunnels In About One Hour. In this Course, You’ll Find Watch Us Use Clickfunnels to Build Business Building Page With Ease. Introducing... Connect with Clickfunnels. Using Clickfunnels to Build Pages and Systems.

Here's exactly what you'll get inside the course:

20 HD Step By Step Over the Shoulder Instructional Video and Audio Tutorials.

What you'll discover in these videos:

Introduction and Overview of Clickfunnels
Add Time To Your Trial Offer
Complete the Account Settings Setup
Build a Funnel Page
Autoresponder Integration
Manage Page Structure - Rows Element
Manage Page Structure - Elements
Manage the Funnel Settings
Other Kinds of Pages
Email Set Up
Set Up a Product for Sale
Account Settings and Sub Users
Issues with Clickfunnels E-Mail
Set Up A Subdomain
Pop Up Page Functionality
Change the Section Structure
Manage Page Structure - Columns Element
Making Changes to the Actual Element
Manage Funnel Settings - Part 2
Payment Gateway
Set Up a Membership Delivery Area