Product Description

What are Negotiation Skills? To really understand this first you need to look at what the word 'negotiation' means. The definition of the word 'negotiation' is a dialogue between two or more people or parties who wish to resolve a difference of opinion, reach a mutual understanding, agree upon a course of action and to bargain for an advantage. Basically you are looking for ways to settle your differences.

The reason you want to negotiate with someone is so that both parties can find a suitable solution. Otherwise disputes and arguments may arise that can harm relationships permanently. Neither person is going to be in charge of the negotiation. You must be prepared to discuss your differences no matter what they are, and then find a common ground.

In this ' Negotiation Skills ' package, you will find the following topics:

- When its just not going to work
- What are negotiation skills
- The basic skills you require for negotiating
- Real life negotiations
- Personal negotiations
- Negotiations from around the world
- Negotiation not desperation
- Negotiation and your reputation
- Is a negotiation ever truly finished
- Basic negotiation tips