Product Description

Creating your own product is what everyone tries to do, but unfortunately, most people fail. It's because the people who fail are needing a straight path on knowing the entire product creation process, and today, this is what this course will teach you.

Here's what you're going to learn in this training course:

Outline Your Products (Critical Step)

- 10 x 10 Matrix (Do this first) (pdf)

Write Your Ebook

- Write Your Ebook Using Your 10 x 10 Matrix (pdf)
- Introduction to Sales Funnel and 10 x 10 Matrix (mp3)

Create a CD or MP3 Series

- Outlining and Intro - CD product (mp3)
- Outlining and Intro - CD Product (pdf)
- Begin Creating Teleclass - Sales Letter (mp3)
- Begin Creating Teleclass - Sales Letter (pdf)
- Relationship With Subscribers - Interview to Create CDs (mp3)
- Relationship With Subscribers - Interview (pdf)
- More on CD Creation (mp3)
- More on CD Creation (pdf)
- Deliver Telecall Class (mp3)
- Deliver Telecall Class (pdf)
- Product Delivery (Paypal-Aweber) (mp3)
- Product Delivery - Paypal - Aweber (pdf)

How to Create a Coaching Program

- Creating Your Coaching Program - Overview (mp3)

Supplemental Material:

- Using Article Marketing to Create Targeted Traffic (mp3)
- List Building to Create Targeted Prospects(mp3)
- Advanced Sales Funnel Part 1 (note: part of core Platinum Program) (mp3)
- Advanced Sales Funnel Part 2 (note: part of core Platinum Program) (mp3)