Product Description

Don't Settle On The Wrong Auto-Responder For Your Email Marketing Needs. Choosing the right autorepsonder for your email marketing campaigns and strategies can be quite the daunting and exhausting task. The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way AT ALL. While there is no shortage of email marketing providers in the market, there are only a handful that will actually serve you the best in your business. Understanding the difference between the platforms can be the difference between major profits or major pain in your business. It can be very hard switching platforms once you get started so it is very important that you start off with the proper platform. In this report I will make the decision making process fairly easy and straight-forward for you. This post will layout the most important features that should dictate your decision process. The criteria I will be using to rank each autoresponder will be based on... Integration – how well it integrates with other 3rd party solutions. Segmentation – ability to send highly targeted emails. Automation – perform functions based on subscribers actions.