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Make More Money Online in the Body Building Industry Using this Article Package. One of the most important yet most hotly debated and misunderstood aspects of a good workout routine are rest periods. Rest periods are crucial for muscle growth. How do rest periods affect muscle growth and what's the optimal rest period? Let's explore these questions.

First of all, when you exert your muscles you're building up lactic acid and hydrogen ions. In small doses, these substances don't harm your body at all. However, during a work out these substances can really build up to substantial amounts.

These substances will prevent your muscles from exerting themselves fully and cause more fatigue. In other words, it can cause you to tire yourself out without actually making any progress towards your goals.

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Body Building Anatomy
Body Building Clothing
Body Building Competitions
Body Building Diet
Body Building Equipment
Body Building Exercises
Body Building for a Woman
Body Building for Fitness
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