Gaining More Free Traffic Tips and Secrets

Gaining More Free Traffic Tips and Secrets
Posted by Daniel Taylor

Within this article, I'm going to talk about how you can be gaining free traffic using some well known tried and tested marketing tactics, which I personally use myself and find these to be some of the best methods out there.

Getting more traffic is a very important point for your online business as this is the bread and butter to any online success. Without any traffic to your business, it's sure to fail in the long run.

List Building

So first up, let's start with your list. Think first about what your list is. It's your first contact and it contains pretty much everyone that's passed through the system you've set up. From the freebie hunters to the people that didn't know what they signed up for.

Even those who had friends that signed them up for a joke and of course those who are going to progress through the circle and make you a whole load of cash in several different ways. It's the most numerous of all the five resources and is also in this instance of the lowest quality compared to the other four. However, it's essential if you want to gain higher profits.

Converting Your Customers Into Joint Ventures

Turning your customers into joint venture prospects works in much the same way that you carried out for your list. You'll also be pulling helpful research from these guys and from that research you'll be much better off.

This is the only way to effectively do this and keep the joint ventures personal, instead of just mass mailing a list. It keeps you in the driver's seat.

Of course, at this stage there's no other way to do this, chances are your list of customers who have purchased will be too big to talk to all of them personally. Which without this or affiliate stats, you have no other way of knowing who you want to make deals with.

Long Term Customers

Let me tell you about how important long term customers are. But as you may have noticed, they're all as important as each other and you'll have a hard time keeping the numbers up effectively without a nice selection of each of the big five.

Let's take a look at what you're going to do with your long-term customers in regards to turning them into affiliates. Understand that when we talk about this, it may not be suitable to do so depending on your product.

Turning any one of these resources into affiliates is especially important in the world of online marketing or info selling. Because after all, affiliate marketing is at least 20% of the whole picture. That's a huge chunk.

Article Marketing

If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say, article marketing it’s simply writing articles and submitting them to the popular article directories on the internet. There is no doubt that article marketing is a killer traffic generator if done correctly.

Article marketing has changed over the past couple of years. If you think you can use the old strategies and generate tons of traffic then I’m sorry to tell you that you’re mistaken. The power of article marketing is two-fold.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is relatively new to the traffic generation scene. Well at least since 2007 as it has really started to catch on and I think we’re still at the beginning of this free powerful traffic generation technique. Social Bookmarking like article marketing is one of those traffic generating techniques that work for you in two ways instead of just one.

You get a high-quality backlink to your website. You also get a massive amount of traffic from those bookmarking sites when your own site gets bookmarked by yourself and others, in return people see those bookmarks.

Social Media Marketing

Join social media websites and build up your profile to generate exposure for your website.
What Are Social media Websites? Social media websites are basically websites that allow users to share their content and opinions.

Also, it's where a community is created. It serves as a form of communication between people on the internet. As it allows you to create your own little corner on the web and invite your friends or people with similar interests to interact with you.

Every registered member gets to create their own profile which can include their own pictures, posts, videos, etc. A large network can be created by inviting their friends to join. Hence, it is a great way to network with friends of similar interests and get to know like-minded people.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing lets your website spread like a virus on auto-pilot to unleash a stream unstoppable traffic. What is Viral Marketing? Viral marketing is one of the biggest buzz phrases in the past several years.

Many books have been written on the topic, but frankly, no one knows who exactly coined the phrase. In the offline world, this is commonly known as ‘word of mouth’ advertising. It basically refers to letting people spread the word about your website or products to others when they come into contact with each other.


This is a very small portion of the whole concept in gaining more free traffic online. But these have to be some of the best-known tactics for doing this, not only for myself but for many people out there.

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Entrepreneur, internet marketer, and advisor. I've helped people online since 2005 grow their online business. The bottom line, I know what works, and I know what doesn't. Anything you'll ever hear from me is to your advantage.



  1. I find article marketing is great to build backlinks. Building a list is what I have started to do. But it takes time. I think building a relationship with your list is a very important point.

    1. Article marketing is a tried and tested SEO method. It’s being around since the stone age of the internet and I’m sure it will be around for a long time to come.