Product Description

This is a collection of 20 videos and audios teaching you everything you need to know about YouTube and AI. Get 20 Step By Step Over the Shoulder Tutorial Videos On How to Use YouTube AI Tools for Your Business.

Here are the Topics We'll Cover Throughout the Special YouTube AI Tool Videos:

1 - YouTube Policy on AI
2 – Extract Research from YouTube with Bard
3 - Cloud Based AI Tool Sites
4 - Sign Up with VidIQ
5 - Using AI Coach
6 - Ideation and Theme Control
7 - AI Content Generator
8 - VidIQ Keyword Tool
9 - Using the AI in MorningFame
10 - Morningfame Prototype Tab
11 - Use the AI in ChatGPT to Create a Video Script Without Attribution
12 - Using ChatGPT Plus For Video Script Attribution But Without Success
13 - Using Claude For Video Script Attribution But Without Success
14 - Using Google Bard For Video Script Attribution But Without Success
15 - Using Bing for Video Script Attribution
16 - Using Microsoft Designer AI for Your Thumbnails
17 - Placing Your Script Into Eleven Labs
18 - Processing Your Voice In Eleven Labs
19 - Instant Voice Cloning in 11 Labs
20 - Process Audio In an AI Text to Video Creator

Within this package you will find the following modules:

Video Training
Audio Training