Product Description

Created By Veteran Homeschoolers for New Homeschoolers... Get High Quality Written Content and Expert Narrated Videos Advising New Homeschool Parents and Guardians.

Here are the Topics We'll Cover Throughout the Videos:

What is Homeschooling
What Are the Benefits and Advantages of Homeschooling
What About Socialization
How to Make Homeschooling Affordable
How to Find the Right Curriculum
How Will My Child Learn Advanced Subjects Like
What If My Child Falls Behind
Can My Child Participate in Sports and Activities
Why Homeschool
Is Homeschooling Legal
How Much Time Will Homeschooling Take Each Day
Different Kinds of Homeschooling
Options For Doing the Teaching
What If My Child is Advanced
Are Virtual Charter Schools Homeschooling
Will Colleges Accept Homeschooling as Valid