Product Description

This is a video tutorial course with 15 lessons all about Facebook live Marketing. Video production is going to be a major theme for social media in 2017, and live video, in particular, is going to grow greatly. Facebook is evolving. What started out as a place to share cat photos has turned into a network of 1.79 billion active users? That's billion, with a 'B'. The most important reason to test out live video is the increased reach.

Live videos get a boost in Facebook's algorithm, giving you a push into more and more people's feeds. People love authenticity. The best part of Facebook Live videos is that they will give you an "into-the-moment" feels, potentially increasing your views, shares and audience reach.

A large part of your competition is likely already investing in online advertising especially on Facebook. Needless to say, Facebook Live is hot today. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to harness the revenue-boosting power of Facebook Live.

Explore the tools and tips shared in these expert Training videos which are simple yet sophisticated enough to take your Facebook Live Marketing strategy to the next level, no matter where you’re starting from.