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  • Learn the ABC's to selling PLR products.
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Some Reasons Why You'll Benefit With This
PLR Training Course...

  • This course isn't a training course showing you how to set a product up. This is a course on how you can make money online using PLR products.
  • If you've tried making money online using PLR and have failed, then this course is for you. As you've most likely have tried but given up in the process.
  • If you're looking for someone to teach you the ropes and give you the right mentality that is required to guide you down the correct path, then this course is for you.
  • This training course is jammed packed full of helpful insider tips and tricks on how you can start making money today using methods that work.
  • This is an over the shoulder lesson showing you exactly what you'll need to have the correct mind set and the correct ideas to making money from PLR.
  • If you're wanting to make money from PLR. Meaning, a living, not just a fad that comes and goes because you'll be taught how to set up the correct type of business model to succeed.

Let Me Ask You a Simply, But Yet Needing Question...

Hey there...

Daniel Taylor here...

Daniel Taylor

Have You Tried To Sell PLR Products Online But Have Failed
In The Process Or Maybe Not Seeing Results You'd Like?

I was like this many years ago when I first began selling PLR products. I would just slap them up anywhere trying to sell as much as possible. I saw some results but very little, leaving me the option to find another method to make money online from.

It wasn't until years later I came to the realization that PLR sold the correct way can make a lot of money.

First, before I go into that, I was seeing many people making a living from selling PLR products online over the years after I gave up selling them myself.

Which I realized that it was me not knowing how to sell them correctly as I was just doing what 90% of newbie PLR sellers do to.

Which makes it hard to make any money online using the same old method if every other man and his dog is doing the same thing.

So, I started back selling PLR products but with a new plan in mind. To follow the successful PLR sellers and to STICK with it this time. And over the course of 3-6 months, slowly but surely (in some instance) I was able to make a living doing one of the most easiest things to do online, 'selling PLR products'.

Within this course I'm going to share and show you some methods I started doing to turn my online business around and become successful in selling PLR products. This course will show you the top resources online where and how you can start making money from PLR products with the fastest and easiest ways possible.

Therefore, Introducing you to...

“PLR Newbie”

An Over The Shoulder 20-Part Lesson On How To Make Money From PLR Products

PLR Newbie

PLR Newbie 20-Part Video Training

  • Lesson 1: Selling PLR On eBay

    A lot of people underestimate the power of eBay when it comes to selling PLR. Within this course, I’m going to show you things to keep an eye on and some best strategies to implement when using this platform.

  • Lesson 2: Selling PLR On TradeBit

    You’ve’ might have heard of it before or even came across it in your online journeys. As TradeBit is a great site to buy and sell digital products. And when it comes to selling PLR products, TradeBit is a place where you should take this opportunity up. Within this video, I’ll speak about what is TradeBit and some advantages of it.

  • Lesson 3: Selling PLR On PayLoadz

    PayLoadz is a platform that also allows you to sell digital products on. This is another excellent way to sell PLR products on. The best thing about Payloadz is that you don’t need to do anything technical. All you need to do is upload the product, and that’s it. Within this lesson, I’ll be going over on some key features why you should be using PayLoadz.

  • Lesson 4: Selling PLR On Facebook

    Now we’ve all heard of Facebook. Did you know you can be selling digital products on this social media network? You can’t add payment buttons and make sales directly on Facebook, but I’ll show you a free way on how you can be doing this and some best strategies on how to drive traffic to your offers. And this is all done 100% free.

  • Lesson 5: Selling PLR On Twitter

    Selling PLR products don’t have to be limited to where you sell them. Selling them on many different platforms will only bring in more income. Within this tutorial, I’m going to show you some of the best ways to sell digital products such as PLR on Twitter. And this is done 100% free.

  • Lesson 6: Selling PLR On Amazon

    Within this lesson, I’m going to show you where to submit PLR ebooks to Amazon Kindle and why you should be taking advantage of this avenue. Now, Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces online where people come to search and purchase ebooks, also known as Amazon Kindle. Within this lesson, I’m going to show you where and how to do this.

  • Lesson 7: Create a Real Book From PLR

    Within this course, I’m going to show you how to create a real book from PLR using a publishing site called Lulu. This site will allow you to create actual books from ebooks. By doing so, you can then sell the book on many sites such as Amazon, eBay or open your own online store.

  • Lesson 8: Selling PLR On JvZoo

    You’ve most likely have heard of JvZoo. It’s one of the fastest growing places to sell your product on and get affiliates to promote it for you. Within this video, I’m going to go over how this can be done and a bit about the site in general.

  • Lesson 9: Selling PLR On WarriorPlus

    Within this lesson, I’m going to show you another great site similar to JvZoo which is named WarrorPlus. This is another robust site to sell digital products on.

  • Lesson 10: Selling PLR On ClickBank

    If you’ve been around the internet for some time, then you’ve most likely had purchased or have seen a product that’s being sold on ClickBank. ClickBank is one of the top sites to sell digital products on. Within this lesson, I’m going to be explaining what ClickBank is and why you should be using it.

  • Lesson 11: Selling PLR On Free Blogs

    If you haven’t got a blog where your selling on, then you’re missing out on this opportunity. Within this lesson, I’m going to be showing some great platforms and resources where you can begin selling digital products on.

  • Lesson 12: Creating PLR Membership Sites

    Within this lesson, I’m going to go over and show you some methods and resources that can be used to create your own membership site. I also go over why you should be building a membership site for passive profits.

  • Lesson 13: Creating a PLR E-commerce Website

    Within this lesson, I’ll be showing you some great ways to build an e-commerce store so you can be selling PLR products directly on your website.

  • Lesson 14: Selling PLR On WarriorForum

    Within this lesson, I’m going to be speaking about WarriorForum and also how to set up a WSO (Warrior Special Offer). This will give you the opportunity to sell digital products directly on this forum.

  • Lesson 15: Selling PLR On DigitalPoint

    If you haven’t heard of Digital Point, then this is another excellent place to sell digital products. Within this lesson, I’m going to be explaining how to submit products on the Digital Point marketplace to start making sales.

  • Lesson 16: Selling PLR On YouTube

    Within this video, I’m going to be explaining on how you can be selling digital products on YouTube. This site has millions of daily users, so it’s a great avenue to be selling on.

  • Lesson 17: Using Email Marketing To Sell PLR

    Within this lesson, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to sell digital products to your list. This is a great way to sell directly to your customers and subscribers.

  • Lesson 18: Selling Video Courses On Udemy

    Within this lesson, I’m going to be explaining how to sell PLR videos on some great sites such as Udemy.

  • Lesson 19: Selling Audio Files On Sound Cloud

    Within this lesson, I’m going to be showing you a great place where you can sell audio files a site named Sound Cloud. Not so much sell them on this site, but some excellent methods to get traffic to your audio offers.

  • Lesson 20: Giving Away Free PLR On Scribd and Issuu

    Within this lesson, I’m going to be speaking about giving away free products on two platforms to build an audience. I’ll talk about adding a profile and also other related ideas to sell your products.

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