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  • Hi angela.

    So for the fairies, “convey mrr to your customer” means I would have to create a new product with the fairies then sell that to my customers to resell. But not give PLR rights where they can rebrand the fairies themselves as theirs or have access to the original files?

    Btw, you have “you customers” instead of “your Customers…[Read more]

  • Angela. So interesting that you mentioned Canva licenses are only for personal use! I used to think that Canva was mainly used for promotional purposes, like creating Pinterest pins for your etsy shop or blog. But then start to see people selling templates and then printables using Canva’s graphics. I’ve bought so many courses that involves only…[Read more]

  • wow! Thanks Angela for taking the time to answer my questions in great details. And I love your sense of humor, especially when you told me my question is “full of wrongs”. I think that was meant to be funny?! LOL.

    Even when I use commercial use images I email the website or seller to confirm and re-confirm. Canva I find to have the most…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure if this has been answered, and I tried to comb through the forum before asking the question again, but didn’t see it.

    I’m so at a lost when it comes to proper usage of commercial use graphics that I buy from Creative Markets and other graphics sellers. I currently use them in my products to sell in my etsy store for personal use.…[Read more]