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Your first sale

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    Umair Ansari
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    Hi guys.

    Just started this thread to know about how and when you made your first sale.

    Would love to learn from experience and get a better understanding of how to go about making the very first sale via affiliate marketing.


    Roman Santiago
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    Hi Umair, unfortunately, I am still trying to make my first sale. I only just started trying to make money online. It seems to be harder then what everybody makes it out to be.


    Umair Ansari
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    Hi Roman.


    The first sale is not that easy, but the joy of getting it is incredible.

    I had my first sale some time back and although the money wasn’t that big, it was awesome feeling nonetheless.

    Even more amazing fact is that I made the sale via one of the most least used promotional tool; WhatsApp.

    I did not do a regular broadcast or individual message marketing.

    Just used the Instagram Status for promoting it.

    It didn’t cost me a dime.

    BTW, I developed a technique called Instanto to drive instant, targeted traffic to landing pages and .measure its impact too.

    You can read it here: https://rankingpursuits.com/whatsapp-increase-blog-traffic/

    Choose a niche, build your PLR product library around that niche, publish high quality content and promote it.

    This is what I’m doing too.

    Hope 5his helps you and others reading this in getting that first sale and many more.


    Umair Ansari
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    Correction. It is WhatsApp Stories and not Instagram stories.


    Daniel Taylor
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    Interesting… I just went over and read the article. Looks like a great method and thanks for the share, Umair.

    "The path to success is to take massive, determined action".


    Umair Ansari
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    Thank you Daniel for your feedback.

    I have been using it regularly now to get traffic to my blog posts, landing pages and videos.

    Besides, I’m posting teasers (ideal Stories have 15 second time frame and teasers are ideal for such time limitations).

    It would be awesome if you could drop a comment on the article and share it.


    Nathanael Thomas
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    Thank you, Umair for sharing this tip to make a good first sale. I will share your article on my blog post soon.

    Live your life with an attitude of gratitude and see wealth in every context of your life


    Umair Ansari
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    Thanks Nathanael. Do let me know when you do, I will share your post on my timeline too.


    hoom rad
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    Please help me what file can I sell?
    How and on what site should I get my first sale?


    Umair Ansari
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    Hey Hoom Rad,

    You can sell the products on this website which have Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resale Rights (MRR), Resale Rights (RR), Commercial Use (CU) license with them.

    To sell your products, you need to know where your target customers hang out. For that, you need to do research.

    You should build trust with your target customers before you expect them to buy from you.

    Maybe, you can give away something for free in exchange for their email ID.

    You can then use email marketing to communicate with them to build trust with them.

    It takes time but once your target customers trust you then sales become easy.

    I hope this helps.

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