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Why should anyone buy our PLR?

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    Sharlene jnbaptiste
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    Hello there,

    You know you must truly believe in your product if you want others to do so. So my question is, with options for potential customers to get FREE PLR items, how do we justify charging for access to ours. What would you say are the key selling points? As a customer yourself, what is you reason for opting for a paid membership to get PLR?

    Thanks all.

    Daniel Taylor
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    Hi Sharlene,

    I always recommend making the product 100% unique when using PLR content so you’re then not competing with everyone else who doesn’t make any changes to the product, but you have yourself a 100% unique product which is exclusively yours.

    This would have to be the best selling point, meaning, your product is unique and one of the kind, simply by doing this, you will be 99% ahead of the rest.

    I have seen a lot of people make 4 to 5 figures easily using PLR content, but 99% of these people have re-purposed the content, making it unique.

    One way I look at PLR products is that I look at them as templates. Meaning, you don’t have to create a product from scratch, but you re-purpose and redesign something new from the original content.

    I hope this helps.

    "The path to success is to take massive, determined action".

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