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What are the suitable price tags for reselling?

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    kolu getaya
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    Hello! I’m free subscriber. Can I know, If I will upgraded to premium package what prices can I resell these digital products. Is it my own customize price or your fixed price?

    Joey Jay
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    I know this question was posted months ago, but this is a question that I, myself, get asked a lot from my own customers on many of my resale based sites, so, I figured I would answer it none the less as I am certain others have, do or will have the same question…

    When it comes to pricing, the price you set is completely up to you, HOWEVER, many times, the product license will have some “rules” you must adhere to.

    Some licenses will even display a minimum price you can sell the item for. If so, you should adhere to it and set the price at, or above, that minimum price.

    No matter what you do, however, you should NEVER sell it for some stupid crazy low ball price… unless a bargain bin clientele is what you’re aiming for.

    Many people think it’s easier to sell 10 items for $1 than it is to sell 1 item for $10… that is such BS, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it is actually just as, if not easier, to sell 1, or even 2, $15 items as it is to sell 10 items for $1…

    So, before I get too winded (too late, I know), the answer to your question is this:

    1. Check the license file to see if there is a minimum price and sell at, or above, that amount.

    2. Do some research and see what others are selling copies for and price it competitively.

    3. Do NOT be one of those who sells everything for $1 or $2.95 because you think you’ll sell more… The only thing you’re going to guarantee is that you will have to work twice as hard to come close to what you’d make selling fewer items at a fair price.

    This is also a great time for me to mention Split Testing

    When in doubt, set up 2 different sales pages with 2 different prices. Send half your visitors to one sales page and the other half of your visitors to the 2nd sales page and see which one grabs more actual sales…

    If you’re not familiar with split testing, either Google it, or message me and I’d be happy to go into more detail for you.

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