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Suggestion: Review on Products

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    Nathanael Thomas
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    I notice the marketplace showcase without reviews from members here. I suggest that you set up the reward incentive for a product review.

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    Support Team
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    Hi Nathanael, thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback, it’s much appreciated.

    Having said that, this topic (Feedback and Testimonials) is basically the all-in-one review section. Where members can leave their testimonials about the entire site, and also leave their feedback as you have done.

    Also, with individual reviews for any particular product, any user can leave a review within the comment section which is provided on the products download page.

    If you’re meaning something totally different, such as products from outside of this site, I suppose that can be done at the following threads:

    Special Offers
    Online Resources
    Free Products

    Let us know if you have any further suggestions as we’re always trying to improve the site by listening to our valued members, such as yourself.

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    Glen Wright
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    It sounds like an alright idea. But supports correct, each product has a comment section and that’s where I write all my reviews for any particular product.

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    I was thinking that maybe we could have a section on the forum, (maybe this one) where we could both review and report products that are incomplete, not working, or corrupt here. I would at least like a place I could ask the other users about a product, and whether or not they have tried it or not.

    Yesterday, I installed BlogBook, and it installed fine, but it simply did not work. All the buttons that were supposed to move from one section to the other, were completely static, so I had to uninstall it again.

    Sadly I was considering selling this product, and I don’t usually sell apps or plug ins, and I am glad I tried it first. Certainly don’t want a customer experiencing a plug in that does not work.

    So anyone here reading this, have any experience with BlogBook https://www.plrdatabase.net/product/blogbook-plugin/

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