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Some suggestions for plr sites owners

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    Abdussalam Chughtai@mughal86
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    i have noticed a few things that need to be improved and if improved can give great benefits for all plr site owners. Although many kind of profitable businesses can be created with plr, but there could be more if these kind of things can be improved.

    > there is a detailed html and css course in plr, but it there could be more coding courses , someone can use them for making a site that sells coding courses, but with only one course, it is impossible…if plr owners could provide html and css, i think it is not difficult for them to provide more. if plr owners say 5 of them collectively hire a programmer for that, that will be good idea.

    > the plr wordpress themes are very beautiful but they do not update, lack of update for themes create security problem for servers and hence they are unusable, if you don’t agree with this , i am a web designer and also i have tested many plr theme over long period of time , to say this thing, ,…. When theme does’t update , it creates serious problems and you have no option but to change that theme. So if plr sites owners, say 5 of them collectively hire a programmer to update and maintain themes , it will do. After that they can tell in some promotional video, hey, be a member and you can make a wp themes membership website. this is one of hottest businesses right now.

    > For some people things of their interest are not sufficient in number, for others licenses are not always useful, damaging some of their dreams for which they come to plr world.

    My thought is that plr world is kind of scattered and owners of plr sites should unite for betterment of this industry, it could become so much more successful not only for them but for entrepreneurs around the world. And it can do better than what it is doing. They can hire professionals collectively and provide much more beneficial products…

    But there is another aspect to plr world that i can clearly see. I see that without providing more value by creating more business opportunities through plr content, plr business will become a slow paced business, and many people will not prefer doing that business in future and plr will with time be considered as less attractive business. People will want to do more attractive business than this and consider plr a dull business.

    Kinsley Hudson@kinhud
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    Interesting post. I do consider a lot you’re saying is correct. But PLR has always been a “base” to create your own product, whether it’s ebooks or WordPress themes. When it comes to saving time, PLR has done it for me. I never just download a PLR product and use ‘as is.’ I always use it as a starting point to create something 100% unique again.

    With creating a PLR HTML course, that would be good. I cannot say I’ve seen one that offers detailed lessons. I suppose that’s up to the PLR creators and not the marketplaces that release PLR products from other vendors.

    Abdussalam Chughtai@mughal86
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    yes its true. and thank you for reply. plr sites are still very helpful for for entrepreneurs, they are still great.

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