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Reselling MRR, PLR… Description Help!

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    Jason Pickens
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    I am building a website reselling these digital products. My question is can I take my description from the actual ebook… like say the introduction? Since it is copyrighted I am worried, but it is information from the product to sell the product. I see plrdatabase does this when there isn’t a description txt file included or reseller site to get the description from. So is it okay to take a paragraph or two from the actual ebook? Please help!

    Jason Pickens
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    I looked up a few products I have using google and found other PLR MRR sites doing this so I will pull a paragraph or two from the introduction as I questioned. I thought about using a content spinner but then it has weird words you really wouldn’t use. I found plrdatabase uses them as well from the introduction or before it. Just wanted to make sure before I do a whole website.

    Asher Evans
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    This is fine what I believe. This is what I do. I see many others do the same. Selling products like these it’s fine to do what you’re wanting with them.

    Umair Ansari
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    Take a paragraph and re-write it in your own words. If possible add a line or two of your own about the product.


    Support Team
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    This is fine to do. What we personally do in some cases is rewrite the content in our own words or added a little more. This way the content is somewhat unique.

    I hope this helps.

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