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Question about rebranding

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    Daniel Mancini
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    Hi there,

    I have downloaded 2 eBooks from the PLRdatabase.net

    However I have a question about rebranding….

    One of the PLR books licence says:
    PU, GAR

    And reads:
    “You Have A Giveaway License
    You may offer this ebooks as giveaways, incentives and prizes.
    The books cannot be altered in any way, and must be given away free, in their original format”

    The second book says:
    LicensePU, CU, GAR, MRR, RRP

    I just want to know which of these books can I rebrand / and /or edit?

    Any help clearing this up would be greatly appreciated,


    Jonathan Uschold
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    PU – Public Use – you can use it in videos. post it on your blogs, use it as web content etc.

    GAR = giveaway rights – you can do all of the abover, and you can give it to other people for free

    CU – commercial use – as above, but you cannot give it away for free. and you can use it on webstores or otherwise monetized channels, or as part of advertising (basically you can use it as a resource to assist in making money)

    MRR – Master Resell rights – you can sell the item (i think you can give it away too, not certain) you can use it as listed above, AND you can sell the resale rights so your customer can resell it as well

    RRP – recommended retail price (hopefully self explanatory)

    For rebranding, you want products whose license license lists PLR (private label rights) basically you can do what you want with it. you own the product and the creator rights on your copy. rewrite, rebrand, resell, list yourself as the author, or give it away. you have full license rights, and can resell those rights if you wish.

    *** I’m relatively new to PLR products, but thats the way i understand it as far as my research has expained. I hope it helps :)

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