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Question about a new product cover

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    Renee Arnott
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    I really love the Anti-Aging Hacks product, unfortunately, the creator used young 20 something women in the creation of the covers, which they will not allow to be edited. I am 56 and would love to market this to my target audience, but I have an extremely hard time doing so when talking to women in my age group. They want to see women more our age in marketing to them, not a picture of someone that hasn’t even aged, at all.

    My question is this, can the creator be contacted to ask if they will create a cover, to go along with the ones they have already created, that would include a more mature woman in her mid-40s or 50s?

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    Hi Renee,
    In a case like this, when it states you can not change or modify the main product (in this case the book itself) what you can do is create your own promo, with what ever graphics you want to use, you can even create a new extra book cover to promote the book, just don’t change the main product cover, (sell the book as is with original cover)

    You are allowed to create and brand your own sales letter, (not the product) so you can target what ever age audience you like. I hope this helps.

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