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Privatize a pdf

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    Martin Victor
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    How can I privatize a PDF with my name in scripted on it

    Joey Jay
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    I realize this is a month+ old, however, for anyone else looking for the same information or who may have the same question, I have decided to post a response anyway.

    If you have access to the original source file, there are several ways to add a “watermark” or “signature”.

    (1) Adobe Acrobat is awesome, but can be pricey.

    (2) Google Docs is an awesome app and is available free of charge.

    (3) Microsoft Office now offers free accounts for basic usage of their primary apps such as Word and Excel. You can easily add a signature or watermark using MS Word.

    If you have ONLY the PDF and you are ALLOWED to edit, or alter, the file to add a watermark, then there are a variety of online tools and resources that will enable you to add watermarks to PDFs online or directly on your computer.

    Here are just a couple.

    Sejda and SodaPDF both will let you watermark PDFs by uploading the watermark and original PDF to their websites.

    There are also some free image editors that can process PDFs. The open source (FREE) program GIMP can add watermarks to PDF files. Gimp has a rather high learning curve, so if you’re not used to image editors, this may not be a viable solution, but it is an option none the less.

    If you need further assistance, let me know and I’d be happy to give you a hand.

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