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Private Label Rights?

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    Juanito Ferrero
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    I just wanted to ask is the ebook and audio/video ebook resources, are they royalty free in PLR (Private Label Rights) so you can use/modify them, and be able to redistribute them by giving them away or selling them under your own identity, just to know?

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    generally yes… but please do make sure to read each TOU in each product, as they may or may not be modified by the original owners. For instance, you might find a passge in certian tou that say everything but the images are plr, but if you have a license inside that states full plr with no restictions or stipulations, you should be good to go!

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    Juanito Ferrero
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    Thank you yes in majority the licenses when I read it is YES for all modifications, images etc … everything is royalty free plr

    Thank you for your answer.

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